Sunday, 31 March 2013

Martina D’Lite sings salvation to a corrupt generation

By Anote Ajeluorou
A new gospel music sensation, Martina D’Lite, with innovative rhythms and messages of salvation ministration and a mandate to encourage people in hopeless situation,s with the aim of transforming lives, has consolidated her position with the grand entry of her second CD entitled, With Love. She had her first foray into gospel music in 2005. With her current effort, which was launched recently, Martina D’Lite may just have hit the right cord in a career brimming with promise.
  Back in 2005, she came out with a CD, Thy Word as she sought to feel the gospel music water. Now, however, Martina D’Lite (Martina Adeseye Ebor) has overcome the tentative steps she took some seven years ago and has boldly announced her entry into mainstream music, as she hopes to cause a revolution of sorts through proper packaging of her music and deploying it to serve society better.
  In a recent chat, Martina D’Lite said she hopes to use her music to minister salvation to as many of her countrymen and women, which many of them urgently needed, especially with low morals that had become so prevalent. She said her six tracker, a hiphop gospel fusion with African style, brings a message of salvation ministration, saying, “In today’s Nigeria, people die without being saved; and if we have people that are saved in government, it will reduce selfishness and corruption and most of the greedy tendencies they exhibit.
  “Once one is saved, he could be transformed as well to impact positively on society. That is my message in my music to today’s Nigerian society, which is in dire need of God’s healing from its immorality, self-hate, all forms of bigotry and anti-social tendencies that tend to negate God’s word. We need to change from how we are to what God wants us to be. It’s the only way we can fulfill God’s mandate for us as a country and people”.
  Martina D’Lite’s With Love has such tracks as ‘King of kings’, ‘Chineke Nke Igwe’, ‘Baba’, ‘Follow Jesus’, ‘See you through’ and ‘With love’. It’s produced under D’Lite Entertainment label, with the music already enjoying airplay on radio.
 Martina D’Lite said she had been singing from childhood and later joined a choir at Ambrose Ali University, Edo State, where she studied accounting education, and she eventually rose to choir leader. That was when she felt she needed to take her music seriously, and began to write her own songs, which got the choirmaster thrilled. With stars as Cece Winnas, Mary Mary, Lara George and Sammie Okposo as music models to follow, Martina D’Lite has her music path cut out for her.
  Having experienced a certain profound music education and inspiration from her mentors, Martina D’Lite is not only set to dig her heels in she desires to make a difference both in gospel music rendition and stylistics. While gospel music should minister the word and encourage people, Martina D’Lite is somewhat dissatisfied with what obtains in Nigerian gospel music as currently being performed by some artistes on the scene. With the exception of Lara George, who has her own definitive, unique sound and Okposo, who has successfully executed a cross-over in his music idiom, Martina D’Lite thinks the rest are jokers of sorts, as “they just come up with what they like without the holy spirit’s influence; and they call it gospel. They sound like a joke”.
  On the other hand, Martina D’Lite attributed the rise in Nigeria’s circular music to its dynamic beat, as it is much more lively than what most gospel artistes use in their music. She noted that Sammie Okposo’s success as a gospel musician also derives from such dynamic use of sound beat that takes cognizance of what currently obtains in the local scene. She stated that such appropriation of dynamism was what Nigerian gospel music needed to lift it from its current tepid tempo to limelight. This is precisely what her music, With love has come to do, Martina D’Lite enthused.
  As she noted, “Gospel music should get to that level where you can play it anywhere like Sammie Okposo’s music and not just in a church setting, but at any place that unbelievers can be reached and saved. Martina D’Lite also noted that she is passionate about the plight of orphaned children and would use her music to bring succour to them through her performances and other means that would encourage them to live normal lives.

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