Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The African in Christianity, according to Joshua

By Anote Ajeluorou and Laolu Adeyemi

For those who still hold the notion that Europe Christianised Africa or converted Africa from pagan worship to Christianity in Tiebet Joshua’s new, revelatory book, Africa, the Origin of Life and Black the Colour of God (Volumes 1 and 2) provides a shocker. Although Joshua is not a theologian, he says his deep study of the God’s word from the Bible has revealed a contrary view on how races in the world should be viewed in relation to godliness.
  Joshua made this revelation recently in Lagos while presenting his two new volumes of biblical expose as a measure of restoring the lost glory and dignity of the black race.
  From his biblical expose, not only did Africa become the first Christianised continent, God’s colour is actually black and so superior to any other skin colour on earth. From his study, Joshua says he has successfully proven from God’s written word, the Bible, that Africa, Ham’s continent, is the most favoured and should not succumb to the racist blackmail from Europe that it is inferior, and by extension, its people under the curse of poverty and everything dark and evil.
  For Joshua, a little elementary exercise would suffice. While Europe believes Africans are backward and not capable of any mental thinking and reasoning or philosophy, most Western philosophers, especially Plato from Greece, studied in Egypt before passing such knowledge through ancient Rome to parts of Europe. He, therefore, counters the notion from European scholars such as David Hume that Africa has not contributed to the pool of world knowledge.
  Citing biblical Noah’s curse on his son, Ham, the father of Africa, for the continent’s under-development and backwardness, Joshua says that curse is misunderstood even by Bible scholars. Such error in interpretation, he says, has caused the continent its prestige and pride, therefore opening it up for abuses and despolation from Europe.
  In his two volumes’ study, Joshua says he has clearly shown that both Adam and Noah were black men from Egypt, hence black is the original colour of man or the first race of mankind to be created. Again, contrary to general belief that Africans were idol worshippers from the beginning, Joshua states that Africans or Ham’s children, were the ones that preached the gospel of repentance to Abram, the idolater, and got him converted before ordaining him a servant of God when he went to Canaan from Iran.
  For Joshua, therefore, it is Africans and not the Jews that first professed God; and they also gave birth to Christianity in Antioch before ordaining and commissioning Paul, the Apostle, to take the Christ’s gospel to Europe, saying Europe was the last to see the light of God.
  According to Joshua, Ham, the father of Africa, suffered sin just like any other man but that he had since been forgiven and restored to his original place of pre-eminence and glory. The seeming great zeal to worship God the Christian way by Africans that has greatly manifested itself in recent years both in revivalism and Pentecostalism, he says, are a mistake or newfangled. Rather, it is Africa’s way of demonstrating that they had found what was originally theirs, and so has no difficulty in responding with great thirst and devotion to Godly worship. Now, he argues, it is Africans that are taking Christianity back to Europe after they had reputedly brought it to Africa. He says Europe merely used it to oppress Africans for their economic gains both in colonising and plundering the wealth of the continent.
  Joshua says his aim in writing the book is to help Africans develop a deep love for God. He also says that of all the continents of the world, Africa is the one most richly endowed, a clear sign of God’s love for the black race as the place He put the first man He created in His own image!

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